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Fall 2012 Read-a-thon Updates

October 13, 2012

Hi guys! So, um. It’s been a while. I definitely did not expect this hiatus to go on for quite so long. I have still been reading and I’m hoping to be back into blogging in full force soon.

But in the meantime, if there’s one thing that can force me out of a stupidly long hiatus, it’s the 24 Hour Readathon. As usual, this post will be my home base for the day. I’ll be updating it regularly with reading stats, music, and, most importantly, snacks! Scroll down to the bottom for the most current update.

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More info on the Readathon HERE

5:00am – Hour 1 (The ‘I Hope I’m Awake’ Edition)
And we’re off! I should be stumbling out of bed soon, if I haven’t already. 5am is ridiculously early for a Saturday morning, but the early morning hours are always my favourite time of the readathon. It’s so cozy to curl up all sleepily with a book while the rest of the world is still silent and dozing. However, this time around I’m recovering from a cold that has put me out of commission for most of the week, so I might be a little slow getting out of bed.

While we’re waiting, let’s take a look at the books I have lined up for the day.

Usually I would have put a whole bunch of short Middle Grade and YA books on hold at the library weeks before the readathon, but this time it kind of snuck up on me so I don’t feel as prepared. All the same, it’s probably good that I read my own books. I have quite enough of those piled up.

It’s not a huge stack by any means, but it should keep me busy for the day. And should I run out, there’s plenty more where they came from on the ol’ tbr shelves.

Gilead by Marilynne Robinson (currently reading, hoping to make some progress)
Princess in Waiting by Meg Cabot (the Princess books are always good on a readathon)
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (have had this FOREVER and really need to read it. seems like it would be a fun option for today.)
Jane Austen Made Me Do It edited by Laurel Ann Nattress (short stories can be a nice way to break up the day)

EDIT: 5am – I’m awake!

7:03am – Hour 3 (The ‘First Breakfast’ Edition. Also, ‘The First Nap’)

I am sleepy. So very sleepy.

I have started with Princess in Waiting because Cabot’s Princess books have served me well over the last couple readathons. But I am already having trouble with this one. Really, Mia? You find it exciting when Michael is bossy? I really hope things turn around and this is the book in which Mia learns self worth.

Although, that Netscape reference was HILARIOUS.

Reading: Princess in Waiting by Meg Cabot
Munching: First breakfast – hot cereal and earl grey tea.
Listening: the hum of the air purifier

Books finished: 0
Total pages read: 77
Total reading time: 1hrs 27min
Total cheer comments: 0
Total naps: 1

9:33am – Hour 5 (The ‘Second Breakfast’ Edition)

Now that I have second breakfast in me and have had a few hours to wake up, I’m feeling much better about the day and my book. Now time to do some commenting!

Reading: Princess in Waiting by Meg Cabot
Munching: Bacon, egg, pears, african red bush tea
Listening: Dissolve Me by alt-J

Books finished: 0
Total pages read: 159
Total reading time: 3hrs 23min
Total cheer comments: 0
Total naps: 1

1:00pm – Hour 9 (The ‘Lunchtime’ Edition)

Readathon tip: make sure your drinking utensil matches your book.

I finished my first book! I didn’t enjoy Princess in Waiting as much as I did the first 3 books in the Princess series, but it was still a light, fun read. Now I’m moving on with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which even just a few pages in is already making me laugh.

Reading: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Munching: sandwich, General Tao Chicken chips
Listening: Nach Dem Goldrausch by Fotos

Books finished: 1
Total pages read: 271
Total reading time: 5hrs 6min
Total cheer comments: 26

4:35pm – Hour 12 (The ‘Afternoon Snack’ Edition)

I’m feeling rather sluggish about my reading, but am having nice, relaxing, bookish day nonetheless. I’m still working away at Hitchhiker’s Guide, but have decided to break it up with stories from Jane Austen Made Me Do It. I’ve only read one so far, but it was completely delightful. Can’t wait to read more of them.

Also, since my last update I calculated that this is my 7th readathon! Wow! I knew I had participated in a few but I had no idea I had done that many. And still, I keep coming back ;) Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to say hi so far during the day, especially to #cheertamales. You guys rock!

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Jane Austen Made Me Do It by Laurel Ann Nattress
Munching: crackers, cheese, chocolate covered almonds. not pictured: decaf coffee with a pinch of cinnamon & nutmeg.
Listening: Dakota by Stereophonics

Books finished: 1
Total pages read: 328
Total reading time: 6hrs 28min
Total cheer comments: 41
Total naps: 2

9:48pm – Hour 17 (The ‘I’m packing it in’ Edition)

I finished The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so I think I’m going to call it a day. I hope that everyone who participated in the ‘thon had fun. I’m happy with what I got done today, but my main goal was to have a laid back, bookish day, which it definitely was.

A huge thanks to all the people who put so much work into organizing and running the readathon every 6 months. I always enjoy the event immensely and appreciate everything to do to make it happen more than you probably realize.

See you all next year :)

Reading: Jane Austen Made Me Do It by Laurel Ann Nattress
Munching: General Tao Chicken chips and chocolate covered almonds
Listening: to the movie husband is watching. I have no idea what’s going on, but there’s lots of shouting and pointing guns a people. And Marky Mark is in it.

Books finished: 2 + 2 short stories
Total pages read: 518
Total reading time: 10hrs 33min
Total cheer comments: 49
Total naps: 2

23 Comments leave one →
  1. October 13, 2012 7:01 am

    I can’t believe you’ve never read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Before!! I’m excited to hear what you think of it!

  2. October 13, 2012 7:42 am

    What a cute Eeyore mug! I hope your book gets better. Enjoy!

  3. October 13, 2012 9:51 am

    The Hitchhiker’s Guide should definitely perk you up! Keith and I read it while on vacation and it’s quite funny. Good luck today!

  4. October 13, 2012 10:20 am

    Omg, your food looks so delicious! ;)

    Also, I hope you’re having fun and not getting tired (as I am, unfortunately …).
    I just finished a very bad-written book soooo I hope my next one is going to be much better. :D
    Wishing you a good read!

  5. October 13, 2012 12:02 pm

    I am here to cheer you on during this read-a-thon so remember just keep on keepin’ on…Go Go Go!!! #cheertamales P.S. I am feeling a nap coming on myself, maybe just a quick little…

  6. October 13, 2012 12:15 pm

    Oh wow, that bacon looks delish. I think the fact I ate only one breakfast today was perhaps to my disadvantage. I am impressed you’re getting through your own books today, I am (as usual) completely ignoring mine in favor of library books!

  7. October 13, 2012 12:22 pm

    I think you’re right to start off with a quick, fun read to set the tone for your day. Keep up the good readathon-ing, and enjoy that bacon!! :) #cheertamales

  8. October 13, 2012 12:29 pm

    Ooh yummy looking breakfast! I hope you are enjoying Princess in Waiting!

  9. October 13, 2012 2:25 pm

    All of your posts of food look delicious. Happy read-a-thon!

  10. October 13, 2012 3:24 pm

    Another adorable mug! I want all my books to match my coffee mugs…;)

  11. October 13, 2012 4:18 pm

    I love your pictures and coffee mugs (I collect them, especially Halloween and bookish themed ones)! Keep up the reading and picture taking!

    Read all day
    Read all night
    Read that book
    ‘Til the morning light!

    #Team Hot Tamales

  12. readerbuzz permalink
    October 13, 2012 4:27 pm

    I started strong, but had to take a long break to visit with my son who unexpectedly arrived from Chicago. I must head back to my books!

  13. October 13, 2012 5:04 pm

    Wow–you eat much healthier than I do for read-a-thon. :P “Nice relaxing bookish day”…yeah, that’s what it’s all about, right? Hope it continues just that way for many an hour more for you!

  14. October 13, 2012 5:42 pm

    So excited you are reading Jane Austen Made Me Do It. I hope you enjoy it!

  15. October 13, 2012 6:14 pm

    I followed your example and had a most marvelous nap. Made me more excited to read!

  16. October 13, 2012 6:18 pm

    Hitchhiker’s Guide is hilarious, though I last read it in the 8th grade! I like the idea of breaking it up with short stories… I’m reading a book of letters right now and it is nice to have a change of pace from novels!

  17. October 13, 2012 7:03 pm

    I want your snacks and your books.

  18. October 13, 2012 8:14 pm

    sounds and looks like you are having an awesome readathon! Keep up the reading!


  19. Kai Charles permalink
    October 13, 2012 10:01 pm

    Great job! I love all your food /book pictures :)

  20. October 14, 2012 8:09 am

    Looks like you had a good readathon. The Hitchhikers Guide is the perfect book for th readathon.

  21. October 14, 2012 9:13 am

    I love the Don’t Panic mug! :) It sounds like you had a great reading day. Hope you enjoyed The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s a favorite of mine.

  22. kissacloud permalink
    October 14, 2012 10:13 pm

    Looks like you had a great readathon! Love your updates with the pictures of food and book together. :)


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