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Weekly Round Up (10.02.11)

October 2, 2011

These were my 5 most listened to tunes from the last week, according to

1. If I Had $1000000 by Barenaked Ladies (What can I say, I love this song. And sometimes it just needs to be listened to on repeat.)
2. There Are Very Tiny Beasts In The Ground by We Are The City (If you’re going to listen to any of these Top 5, listen to THIS ONE. Please? It’s slightly experimental but still accessible and makes me feel like I should be listening to them play it at a small club in the early hours.)
3. Bitter Strings – The Jealous Sound
4. It’s All Been Done – Barenaked Ladies (So, I went on a bit of a BNL binge last week. I actually expected the whole Top 5 to be filled with BNL.)
5. A Lack of Color by Death Cab For Cutie

iTunes|Starbucks Pick of the Week: Dawned on Me by Wilco. I never got into Wilco, but if their stuff is like “Dawned on Me” I’m going to have to get over whatever I thought about them before and start making my way through their catalog.

sb10067729n-003Mailbox Monday is a weekly event started by Marcia at The Printed Page. October’s host is Serena @ Savvy Verse & Wit.

I added two new books to my to-read shelves on the weekend, thanks to the Smart Chicks Kit It tour. Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Beth Revis, Margaret Stohl, and Sara Zarr stopped in town on Saturday and I’ll be honest, in the throngs of paranormal-loving teenagers, I was there solely for Sara Zarr. So I was thrilled to be able to chat with her for a minute and have her sign my copy of Once Was Lost, which is a book that I love dearly.

Of course I couldn’t fully experience the event without buying something new. I picked up Zarr’s new book plus one other I’ve had my eye on for a while.

How To Save A Life by Sara Zarr
Across The Universe by Beth Revis

It was a really fun event – my first author event! – and all the authors were super friendly. If you have a chance to go to any of the events coming up in the next couple days, definitely do it!

“It’s Monday What Are You Reading” is a weekly event hosted by Sheila that lets you share books you’ve read over the past week and books you have coming up.

Record Collecting for Girls by Courtney E. Smith
Anna & the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (Re-read during April’s Impromptu Readathon)

Soundtrack Saturday – The Shadow of the Wind

Currently Reading: The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Up Next: I had wanted to read The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett this weekend, but never got to it. So maybe I’ll make that my commuting book this week.

What are you reading and listening to? Did any new books find their way into your possession?

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  1. October 2, 2011 5:47 pm

    I have Zarr’s Once Was Lost on my list. It sounds like a good read. I’ve also seen many positive reviews of The Shadow of the Wind but have yet to dive into a copy. Maybe someday in the future! Right now I’m reading Madame Tussaud, an interesting historical fiction book set at the dawn of the French Revolution. The library only had a large print copy, which is easy on the eyes, but I swear it could double as an exercise weight. :)

  2. October 2, 2011 6:31 pm

    I think I’m going to try and at least read Anna and the French Kiss by the end of this year since you and everyone else seems to love it so much. I did read a couple chapters of The Night Circus last night but its another busy week for me with lots of schoolwork and studying so its probably going to take me a while just to finish one book.

  3. October 2, 2011 6:45 pm

    “But not a real green dress, that’s cruel…” Love that song! The other day I listened to a couple of literary musicals: Jane Eyre and The Secret Garden. They’re both excellent!

  4. October 2, 2011 8:00 pm

    Loved Anna and I hope you thoroughly enjoy Shadow – it’s one of my favorites!

  5. October 2, 2011 8:18 pm

    The Little Princess sounds good! Enjoy!

  6. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out permalink
    October 2, 2011 9:04 pm

    Record Collecting for Girls sounds interesting. I’m a complete 80’s tragic when it comes to music :)

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

  7. October 2, 2011 9:34 pm

    Have a good reading week.

  8. October 2, 2011 10:39 pm

    I’ve got Anna & the French Kiss and Across the Universe on Mt TBR; hope to get to them soon. The author catch up sounds like fun.
    Have a great week and happy reading :)

  9. October 3, 2011 5:30 am

    Do give Wilco a chance! They’re one of my favourite bands. I could never get tired of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

  10. October 3, 2011 11:05 am

    What is keeping me from finishing the books I have going? A new kitten! Come see what I’m reading.

  11. October 3, 2011 12:30 pm

    Might put The Little Princess on my list of to read. Have a great week.

  12. October 3, 2011 1:19 pm

    Looks like you got some good books…happy reading.

  13. Dead Trees and Silver Screens permalink
    October 3, 2011 2:19 pm

    If I had a million dollars is my favorite song ever! We danced to it at my wedding!

  14. October 3, 2011 3:18 pm

    I really enjoyed Once Was Lost also. I’m glad I stumbled onto it because I don’t read a lot of contemporary YA. How wonderful to have a chance to meet the author! (Across the Universe was a fun read too. Enjoy!)

  15. October 3, 2011 3:28 pm

    Great mailbox! I have Across the Universe in my huge TBR pile and I’m soo jealous you got How to Save a Life!

    Here is my Mailbox

  16. October 3, 2011 7:08 pm

    I’m trying to read all 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read and The Little Princess is on that list. Hope I’ll get to it soon.

    My post today isIt’s Monday! What Are You Reading? I hope you will stop by and sign up for the Readerbuzz October Giveaway for Matched!

  17. October 4, 2011 6:15 am

    Yay for Sara Zarr! I actually just picked up How To Save A Life, too, and am really looking forward to reading it. Sweethearts is a favorite of mine, and the book I credit with getting me back into reading young adult fiction after many years away!

  18. October 4, 2011 8:04 am

    If I had a million dollars is SO catchy! :)

    Across the Universe….LOVE that book!

    Thank you so much for your name suggestions. Small winged one? How cool is that?!

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