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Monday Round Up (01.24.11)

January 23, 2011

Today I’m rolling out a new feature that will be included in my Monday Round Up from now on. In addition to listing what I’ve read in the past week, I’m also going to list what I’ve been listening to. Each week I’ll list my top 5 listened to tracks from the last week, as recorded by

1. Overdue by The Get Up Kids
2. I Will Not Take My Love Away by Matt Wertz
3. Closer by Jars of Clay
4. Journal Of A Narcoleptic by Dan Mangan
5. So This Is Goodbye (Pink Ganter Remix) by William Fitzsimmons

“It’s Monday What Are You Reading” is a weekly event hosted by Sheila that lets you share books you’ve read over the past week and books you have coming up.

Finished: The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

Soundtrack Saturday – The Neverending Story
*actual reviews will return this week, I promise!

Currently Reading: In between books

Up Next: Rampant by Diana Peterfreund. Unless I feel the need to take a short break from Fantasy first.

What are you reading and listening to? Did any new books find their way into your possession?

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  1. January 23, 2011 6:46 pm

    I never learned how to use last fm hahah, I tried searching for songs and could never find them. So I gave up!

    My what are you reading?

  2. January 23, 2011 7:36 pm

    OOH Rampant! One I want to read! I love Jars of Clay and I am going to have to listen to this song now to see if I know it. Have a great week :)

  3. January 23, 2011 7:54 pm

    I’ve never read The Neverending Story.

    Here is my weekly update

  4. January 23, 2011 8:20 pm

    Just read the synopsis about Rampant.
    I have never thought that Unicorn will be such a creepy creature.
    I think I am going to like it.
    I hope I can see your review about this book next week

  5. January 23, 2011 9:30 pm

    I have not heard of these books, I hope you enjoy reading them. Have a great week. My Monday:

  6. January 24, 2011 12:15 am

    You had a really great reading week. I am anxious to read Rampant too. Hope you enjoy it! Have a great week.

  7. January 24, 2011 3:44 am

    Oh! Neverending story is one that’s been on my tbr list for AGES. Really looking forward to your review of that one. And I like your idea about music. Mind if I have a go next time?

    Here’s mine:

  8. January 24, 2011 3:46 am

    Hope you find something to read this week as I see you are ‘between books’

    Happy reading

  9. January 24, 2011 6:31 am

    Oh Gosh, I really liked reading Rampant by Diana Peterfreund. It’s really good, isn’t it? I cannot wait to read the sequal.

    I haven’t heard of those tracks before. Going to check some out. :) Thanx.

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  10. January 24, 2011 8:04 am

    Listing what you’re listening to is a great idea! I look forward to seeing more of your soundtrack & learning some new tunes. My taste is pretty eclectic & mostly older music, so it would be nice to pick up on some new material.

  11. January 24, 2011 10:04 am

    How did you enjoy Neverending Story? Is this the same title that the movie series is based upon?

    Hope something wonderful in a book grabs your attention this week!

    Please pop on by my blog, My Bookshelf, for a visit when you have time. I am linked to It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  12. January 24, 2011 1:07 pm says we’re super! Somehow I’m not surprised. I love that Get Up Kids song.

  13. January 24, 2011 1:45 pm

    I like the music addition. I’m not a music person, meaning I know very little about music and can never answer any musical trivia my husband comes up with, but I’m willing to learn!

  14. January 24, 2011 2:01 pm

    I haven’t read Rampant but I heard great things about it. Happy reading!

  15. January 24, 2011 9:59 pm

    as usual, an eclectic mix of tunes! actually, i’ve only heard of one band that you mentioned–jars of clay, from my college days! i feel like i get a musical education when every i stop by your blog. well, that AND i leave feeling old and out of touch. hahaha. :)

  16. January 25, 2011 4:41 pm

    I like your music links because it introduces me to bands that I’ve never heard of…I’m definitely showing my age here!! :D

  17. January 29, 2011 4:03 am

    Sweet…sweet….you know that I love music, and music lists. So cool to see your top 5 for the week. I listened to them all, and they are all great, but I like Jars of Clay best. I liked it so much that I placed in my playlist on YouTube.

    I have never checked Maybe I ought to.

  18. January 30, 2011 8:49 pm

    Can’t wait to see your review of Rampant!

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