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Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich (final thoughts)

May 12, 2010

Stephanie Plum is back and once again wondering if a career change is in order. Being a bounty hunter is just too darn dangerous, with its armed drunks and psychotic mobsters. But it does have its perks. Like flexible hours and the Batman-esque Ranger.

Hard Eight has Stephanie tracking down a couple people. For her cousin Vinnie, the bond agent she works for, she’s after Andy Bender, a drunk who in theory should be an easy capture. As a favour to her parents’ neighbour Evelyn, she’s after Evelyn’s granddaughter Annie, who has disappeared with her daughter. With help from faithful sidekick Lula and a new character, the bumbling lawyer Albert Kloughn, Stephanie is off to get to the bottom of both cases. Problem is, she’s also be stalked by a man in a bunny suit.

Hard Eight is exactly what you’d expect from a Stephanie Plum novel. It’s full of laughs, action, and sexual tension, and was exactly what I needed for my wisdom teeth removal recovery weekend. It didn’t stand out to me as especially good, compared to the previous books, but it was fun watching Stephanie’s perfect sister Valerie act, well, not so perfectly. Reading Hard Eight was like spending time with that crazy friend you love hanging out with because they’re always good for a laugh, but you’re okay with not seeing for a few months.

My rating: 7/10

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