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Book #26 – Twenties Girl – the end

August 9, 2009

twenties-girl2As soon as I had Twenties Girl in my possession I was extremely excited to read it. A brand new story by Sophie Kinsella? To a fan of chick lit, what could be better?

Twenties Girl is about Lara, 20-something and she’s not at a great point in life. Her boyfriend recently dumped her, without giving any reasons. The partner of her brand new company has skipped town, leaving Lara floundering. And now, to top things off, she has to get together with her family (who never make her feel good about herself on the best of occasions) to go to the funeral of her 105-year old great-aunt, who she hadn’t even seen since she was a baby. Just when things can’t get any worse, halfway through the funeral the 23-year old ghost of her great-aunt shows up demanding to know where her necklace is, and the only person who can see or hear her is, you guessed it, Lara.

As I said, I was very much looking forward to this book, so much that I was sure it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. And sure enough, when I started reading I was a little bit disappointed. The concept was interesting, but the story felt a little forced.

However, halfway through something happened. Things started coming together. It’s like Sophie Kinsella finally got into her groove. Suddenly I could not put the book down. By the end I was actually surprised at how much I had enjoyed the book and how invested I felt in the characters lives. I won’t give away any details of what made the second half of the book so enjoyable, but I will admit that I did tear up a couple times.

I had a hard time deciding on a rating for Twenties Girl. If I were to rate the two halves of the book separately, I would give the first have a 6.5 and the second have close to a 9. Since I feel that the second half makes up for the slow start, I’m going to go somewhere in between and give the book an 8.

Now to tackle something else in my TBR pile. I think it’s time for a classic.

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