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Book #25 – Dead Until Dark – the end

August 3, 2009

DeadUntilDark1After I had read the first few chapters of Dead Until Dark, I said to my husband: Why is Twilight so popular when this series is around? I got one answer to that question shortly after. Twilight is Young Adult to the core, while the Southern Vampire Mysteries are definitely more adult.

The main characters are Sookie, telepathic waitress, and Bill, first vampire in town. Despite being beat up a couple times, I liked that Sookie was used to facing things by herself and could stand her own ground. I also like that, at least at first, she wasn’t swayed by Bill’s “glamor” and didn’t immediately fall for him. That part reminded me of the episode of Friends when Joey’s trying to woo his new roommate (Janine played by Elle Machpherson) and when he pulls out his no-fail line “How you doin’?” she just says, “Oh, I’m okay.” However, it doesn’t take all that long for Sookie to jump into bed with Bill, and then they never really get out.

The story was pretty entertaining and I liked the extra flavour the local town’s people added to the book. I also liked the inclusion of the other vampires, especially the ones at the vampire club, and am looking forward to seeing how they are incorporated into the rest of the series.

I’ll most likely continue reading the Southern Vampire Mysteries since I’m a sucker for series. After reading stand-alone books, I often wonder what happens to the characters when the current story ends, how do their lives continue, what other troubles find them, how do they defeat new obstacles? Or do they live happily ever after? And if so, what does that happily ever after look like for them? I love that series answer some of these questions and let me look into the characters lives a bit more.

As for my rating for Dead Until Dark, I’m going to hand out another 7.8. It was definitely Pretty Good, and was getting close enough to Very Interesting that I read it in under a week. However, that could have also been because it’s an easy read.

Next up: Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. Woot!

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  1. August 10, 2009 3:49 pm

    I love the connection you made with Joey from Friends! I really like your review of the book. I think you feel pretty much the same way as I do about it. I liked it, will probably read others, but not right away.

    On my blog you mentioned that you only watched through the opening credits of True Blood. I’m hoping it’s not too scary, but if it looks scary I won’t be watching it.

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