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Book #25 – Dead Until Dark – update 1

August 2, 2009


Once there was a girl who didn’t really fit in with the people around her and always felt she was on the outskirts of normal society. Then she meets a handsome vampire who she falls madly in love with and he with her because she is different. Girl also has an old friend who, once vampire is in the picture, realizes that he too is in love with Girl. But he is a shapeshifter, mortal enemy of vampire, so Girl can’t have both in her life.

Sound familiar?

I’ve only read one other vampire series before in my life (Twilight), so I’m not quite sure, but is this a common, basic plot line in all vampire stories?

Anyway, apart from that (and a couple other flaws I will get into in my next post) and I’m still enjoying Dead Until Dark, and really want to start watching the TV show True Blood when I’m done.

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