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Book #24 – Seventeenth Summer – update 1

July 24, 2009

seventeenth summer1What can I say as an update on this book? It’s sweet and innocent and lovely. I’ll have more of a review when I finish Seventeenth Summer, but for now just a couple thoughts.

The story is takes place (and was written) in 1930’s small town America. At lot has changed in society and the norms of dating since then, but the feelings that come with growing up never change. Angie provides thoughts that are still so relatable, like the agony of feeling like you don’t belong:

“I just sat, not thinking of anything in particular, feeling as useless, as emptied, and as hollowed as a sucked orange.” (p. 43)

and the sweetness of the beginning of a new relationship:

“In the loveliness of the next moment I think I grew up.” (p. 59)

Cute book. I’m loving the cultural references and descriptions of everyday 1930’s life. And I love love love this cover of the book. Out of all the covers I’ve come across for it (and seeing as the book came out more than 60 years ago, there are quite a few of them), this is most definitely my favorite. I think that it captures the feel of the book perfectly. I’ll have another one up for my next post.

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